They Knew It Didn't Stop Transmission

In fact, they never even studied that factor before releasing it on the world

Oct 12, 2022

They also knew it didn’t stop infection. They didn’t study that either upon releasing it to the public.

I’ve been reporting on this since the original Pfizer data came out when the vaccines rolled out.

I’ve talked about it at length on the podcast on several episodes and even wrote a referenced post here back in April when I started this blog. You see, if it’s leaky and doesn’t stop transmission or infection, then mandates are a moot point:

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Why Mandates are a Moot Point
To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. CDC's Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky confessed in July 2021 that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated carry viral loads that "are actually quite similar". The Delta variant creates high viral titers in the naso-pharynx of the infected, vaccinated or NOT…
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If they knew this information, then requiring anyone to get the vaccine to protect someone else is ridiculous. It’s anti-science at best.

The original manufacturers own studies showed this, yet when those of us who can read studies and tried to share this information out we were chastised, censored and even threatened.

Trust me, we tried to tell you. Over and over we tried. I even released a tank top that says “It Doesn’t Stop Transmission”.

For now I’d like you to watch the video above. A Pfizer director admits it to the European Parliament after being questioned.

Then check out this post I made last month of all your favorite players telling you that if you get the vaccine that you can feel safe because you won’t get sick, you won’t pass it to grandma and you’ll stop the virus in it’s tracks. Feel free to share all of these posts far and wide so people know that they were lied to.

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Remember When They Told You It Would Stop Transmission?
Watch now (2 min) | The CEO of Pfizer has tested positive for a SECOND time this week, and to celebrate this ridiculous charade, I’ve put ALL of my Tanks and Tshirts on SALE UNTIL THEY ARE GONE! CLOSE OUT SALE HAPPENING NOW! It Doesn’t Stop Transmission Tanks ON SALE UNTIL THEY ARE GONE…
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