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Dr Tyna! You rock! For anyone reading this, I was told I had to have surgery to cut open the tunnel the ulnar nerve passes through in my elbow because I had lost all feeling in my hand In December. I closely follow all of Dr. Tina’s podcast and she recommended prolotherapy instead of surgery. In her series on why orthopedic medicine is a scam. I found Dr. Blatz At restore PDX. He was recommended to me by a doctor in Bend that Dr. Tina had mentioned.

He did prolotherapy on me and now I don’t need surgery and have all my feeling back in my hands after six months of having no feeling.

I don’t have a diagnosis I listen to Dr. Tina to try to understand what’s wrong with me I know I had parasites demyelination in my brain, lime mold and chronic Epstein-Barr and HHV-6. My thyroid numbers are in the “healthy” range but I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Again, Dr. Tina to the rescue with her amazing podcast at the same time as my diagnosis and thyroid. She always shows me where to look for support!

I live in constant pain, but today’s podcast reminded me to cook the heck out of myself in my sauna so as I write this, I’m attempting to be pain-free today by spending some time in my Far infrared, sauna that I’ve had for five years. It’s a godsend people listen to her it’s worth the investment. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

One thing Dr. Tyna didn’t mention where’s Epson salt soaks. I Soak in 4 cups of Epson salts three times a week after my initial load of two weeks of daily soaks it does help with the pain and inflammation.

Dr. Tyna, when you have Lyme brain, it is so hard to remember simple things! Your Podcasts remind me. Thank you so much!

I have a full gym in my house, but every time I try to use it, I get even more inflammation. I used to be a triathlete, so I know the brain I’m wired with, that pushes me to excellence, is kind of my enemy! I need to find my Goldilocks spot and dial-in a proper diet To give myself EVERY advantage! I avoid all carbs & gluten (mostly...😉)

I’m looking for options to avoid thyroid surgery. There seems to be a link between Iberian cysts and thyroid cysts and gut biome. A Japanese study indicated there is a bacteria that lives in these spots on your body that cause fubobacterium that can possibly be treated with antibiotics. I checked with Dr Greg Nigh on this, I found him thanks to you! He specializes in naturopathic oncology. He’s been a wonderful support!

All this to say, even with Lyme brain, you can find answers! Dr Tyna leaves bread crumbs if you listen carefully!

I value what you say, and you always touch on a subject right when I need it! I wish I could find a dr like you to mentor and support me on my journey.

Have you ever considered training wellness coaches? Have you ever considered interviewing real people, that need help, & people could relate to, on your podcasts? (No winers just fighters!)

Sending healing hugs!

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Excellent!!! Thank you!!

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Stupid spell check! Sorry this is so poorly written! Uterine cysts not Iberian cysts! Hopefully you all get the gist of what I am saying

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