dr tyna, in case you didn't know there is a print interview with the lead researcher of that Cochrane mask review. he says his findings were "delayed" by Cochrane long enough to let the mask mandate policies be enacted and only released now that the jig is up.

it seems that Cochrane got itself mixed up in politics and allowed itself to be used by the narrative. it's good that they've come clean but too late for the children who suffered developmental delays and the people who now can't live without their masks. these people are scarred for life.

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Dr. Tyna - Thank you so much for getting me through this "pandemic" - giving me real health advice and helping me realize I'm not cynical and crazy - everyone else is gullible and crazy! Even my very smart father, the family that I love, people I have known and respected for many years - they all fell victim to pressure and constant "news" coverage. I felt so alone and needed people like you in my life. And, of course, this news isn't getting anything CLOSE to that kind of coverage. So, the mask wearers and jab seekers will continue to exist.

Thank you.

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