Ep. 81: Children's Health Defense- Oregon Chapter Interview with President Katherine Green- Uncensored VideoWatch now (66 min) | A candid and uncensored conversation about Oregon, Vaccines and More!
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Why I Try to Stay Out of the Hospitals at All Costs
Excess Deaths Skyrocketing All Over the WorldWatch now (5 min) | Watch All the Way to the End to See if Your Country is Mentioned
EP. 82: Movement Overrides Pain - Solo EpisodeListen now | Doctors Have It All Wrong
EP. 81: Children's Health Defense OREGON w/ Katherine GreenListen now | 5000 Voices Campaign
While I'm not a fan of "cleanses", we should support our organs of elimination
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February 2023

Three Bombshells You Should Have Heard About In The Media Recently, But Likely Didn't
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January 2023

It's a tricky one. Here's how I got off the merry-go-round.