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EP. 122: How To Look Younger + Why We Age | Dr. Anthony Youn

EP. 122: How To Look Younger + Why We Age | Dr. Anthony Youn

Reverse the Aging Process with Autojuvenation

Step into the world of holistic beauty as we delve into the art of natural rejuvenation with renowned holistic plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn. With his brand new book out: Younger For Life, we dive into Dr. Youn’s concept of “autojuvenation”.

We discuss the psychological perks of Botox, and the crucial link between radiant skin and a nutritious diet. Learn about easy skincare rituals and dietary decisions that can help you reverse the hands of time. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for those looking to boost their health and retain a youthful sparkle in a holistic way.

On This Episode We Cover:

00:04:55 What is Holistic Plastic Surgery

00:07:06   Healthy Skin for Overall Wellness 

00:10:48   Importance of Pre and Post-Op Supplements 

00:12:35   Aging and Anti-Aging Measures

00:14:40   Why It’s Important to Smile

00:20:00   Why We Age

00:21:52   Lifestyle Choices and Skin Health

00:23:23   Autojuvination + Anti- Aging

00:27:47   Acne, Skincare, and Natural Products

00:30:57   Nutrient-Rich Foods and Protein for Skin

00:34:45   Importance of Cooking at Home

00:38:42   Weight Lifting and Why It’s Important As You Get Older 

00:41:24   Collagen Benefits and Bone Broth for Skin Health

00:45:05   Sugar, Alcohol, Age Acceleration and Skin Health

00:51:34   Skin Rejuvenation With PRP and Morpheus 8

00:54:07   Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Intercellular Cleanup aka Autophagy 

00:58:41   Morning and Night Skincare Routine

01:00:00   Skin Cancer and Sunscreen

01:01:11   The Benefits of Retinol for Anti-Aging 

01:04:13   Stripping Facial Oil: Is it Good to Do?

01:08:20   Morning Vitamin C, Nighttime Retinol Benefits

01:09:39   Sunscreen and Aging

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