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EP. 123: Breaking the Medical Paradigm | Dr. Patrick Flynn

EP. 123: Breaking the Medical Paradigm | Dr. Patrick Flynn

The Current System is Busted, We Want a New One

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Join me in this interview with Dr. Patrick Flynn, my new favorite Rebel Doctor, as we explore the world of women's health you don’t often hear about. This episode delves deep into the unique challenges women face, from societal expectations to hormonal fluctuations. Dr. Flynn emphasizes the importance of an individualized approach to health and lifestyle choices, shedding light on stress management, the biochemistry of health, and the impact of hormones. Topics include debunking misconceptions about women's dietary needs, muscle maintenance as women age, and the power of strength training.

The conversation also addresses the need for medical freedom and patient centered care for a healthier world.

Dr. Flynn's expertise blends with heartfelt stories and professional guidance to provide fresh perspectives on women's health. Whether discussing sleep, nutrition, or the consequences of surgery, this episode offers practical advice and wisdom for well-being at every stage of life.

Tune in to redefine your approach to health and wellness with an emphasis on being well-informed and proactive.

On This Episode We Cover:

  • 00:03:03 - Censorship and Controversy in Online Platforms 

  • 00:09:45 - Body Composition's Impact on Hormonal Health

  • 00:14:14 - The Impact of Stress and Hormones

  • 00:14:55 - Menopause and Healthcare Insights 

  • 00:20:51 - Libido, Sleep, and Health Impact 

  • 00:27:29 - Health, Hormones, and Gender Role Themes

  • 00:35:26 - Gender and Health Challenges in Society

  • 00:39:06 - Understanding Women's Health and Hormonal Changes

  • 00:47:55 - Corruption in Healthcare and Big Pharma 

  • 00:52:30 - Low Dose Pharmaceuticals, Lifestyle, Supplements

  • 00:56:31 - Risks of Pediatric Medical Advice

  • 00:58:12 - Medical Autonomy and Collaboration in Healthcare

  • 01:05:18 - Understanding Anesthesia and Human Body 

  • 01:06:01 - Importance of Sleep, Nutrition, Stress

  • 01:08:30 - Gender Differences in Sleep and Health

  • 01:13:32 - Understanding and Addressing Stressors in Women

  • 01:15:24 - Misconceptions About Women's Hormonal Stages

  • 01:20:12 - Discussion on Perimenopause and Women's Health

  • 01:22:50 - The Transition and Understanding of Menopause

  • 01:33:31 - Chiropractic History and Taking Control

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