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EP. 120: Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick | Darin Olien

EP. 120: Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick | Darin Olien

Fatal Conveniences That We Pay the Price For

Everyday we make choices that seem convenient, but indeed may be quite toxic. From beauty products to the items we eat and drink out of and even our female menstrual products, there are hundreds of toxic chemicals waiting to leach out into our bodies. While we can feel overwhelmed, a better solution to is to be informed and take action to mitigate risks.

On this episode I got to talk to my old friend Darin Olien. He’s the star of the Netflix show (with Zac Efron) "Down to Earth,"Darin is here to talk all about his new book "Fatal Conveniences: The Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick - And The Simple Changes That Will Save Your Health."

On This Episode We Cover:

0:08:38 - Discovering Solutions to Environmental Issues 

0:16:27 - The Impacts of Unregulated Daily Activities 

0:20:24 - The Impact of Toxic Chemicals 

0:26:44 - Chemicals' Effect on Health and Wellness 

0:30:44 - Clean Living, Sustainable Choices

0:32:34 - Affordability of Clean Products 

0:40:39 - Investing in Quality for Long-Term 

0:48:58 - Dealing With Plastic and Teflon Dangers 

0:53:35 - Learning and Applying Knowledge About Chemicals 

0:57:56 - Changing Habits 

0:59:53 - Menstrual Products and Chemical Exposure

1:11:59 - Empowering Individuals to Make Better Choices 

Check Out Darin Olien:

New Book: Fatal Conveniences

SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make Your Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome


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