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Ep. 48: Sleep Heals with Shawn Stevenson

Ep. 48: Sleep Heals with Shawn Stevenson

The Dr. Tyna Show

On this weeks episode, I am joined by best selling author and host of the Model Health Show, Shawn Stevenson.  Shawn has been holding it down these past few years on all of his platforms and he joins us to talk about the importance of sleep.  Check out his most recent book "Eat Smarter."

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On This Episode We Cover:
1:41 - Shawn's background and story about his health
25:51 - "Every single cell in your body is made up from the food you eat" 
33:21 - Metabolism and the immune response
36:23 - Cytokine storm and issues with sleep deprivation
47:00 - Genetic tendencies and your biological clock
1:02:56 - Sleep and metabolic health

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Shawn’s Book "Eat Smarter"

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