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Ep. 53: Training for Life with Robert Linkul

Ep. 53: Training for Life with Robert Linkul

The Dr. Tyna Show

My guest today is Robert Linkul, a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in training older adults.  He is well pedigreed and very well educated.   His business is called Training the Older Adult and he joins us to share his expertise. 

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On This Episode We Cover:
6:26 The myth of not being about to strength train because of joint replacements

11:55 - Functional training to train for the sport of life

17:45 - Sarcopenia and the dangers associated with it

21:20 - High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT)

32:02 - Why resistance training is so important

42:41 - Grip strength can be an accurate indicator for longevity/increased mortality

58:52 - Breaking the mindset that strength training is for younger people

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