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Ep. 62: COVID-19: My Final Thoughts - Solo Episode

Ep. 62: COVID-19: My Final Thoughts - Solo Episode

The Dr. Tyna Show

On this weeks episode, I give you my final thoughts on COVID-19.

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On This Episode We Cover:

3:11 - Asymptomatic spread and why viruses don’t want to kill their hosts

9:18 - The PCR testing fiasco

10:59 - Reports of Covid in the water supply prior to 2020 and people with antibodies to Covid prior to 2019

12:16 - Social media censorship that I experienced from the beginning

15:18 - Why diabetics, males, and smokers were getting hit that hardest from Covid

20:51 - I explain ACE receptors & Cytokine storms

27:13 - How viruses act inside the obese body

36:20 - What we did to our senior citizens

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