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EP. 102: Fertility, Sexual Health + Metabolic Well-Being | Casey Means, MD

As ALWAYS, Your Metabolism Matters!

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Are you aware of the alarming statistics involving fertility, sperm counts, and sexual health, and their correlation with our metabolic well-being? In our latest episode, we tackle these pressing issues in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Casey Means, a Stanford trained physician and the Co-Founder of metabolic health company Levels. Dr. Means enlightens us on the complex interplay between fertility, sexual health, and metabolism, and provides valuable insights on making informed dietary and lifestyle choices to enhance our overall health.


On this Episode We Cover:

0:02:43 - Fertility, Sexual Health, and Metabolism Discussion

0:05:42 - Metabolic Fertility Crisis and Its Impact

0:15:15 - Understanding PCOS as Metabolic Dysfunction

0:20:50 - Continuous Glucose Monitoring for PCOS

0:22:38 - Metabolic Dysfunction and Frustration With Medicine

0:25:42 - Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence

0:33:35 - Metabolic Dysfunction and Pregnancy Complications

0:40:29 - Pre-Diabetes Screening and Treatment Failure

0:46:27 - Limitations of Standard Doctor Visits

0:55:17 - Lifestyle's Impact on Sexual Health

1:07:35 - Importance of Basics for Holistic Health

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