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Ep 69: Your Health is Your Wealth

Ep 69: Your Health is Your Wealth

with Katie Goss and Andrew Dettelbach of Whealth

On this weeks episode, I am joined by Andrew Dettelbach and Katie Goss of Whealth.  Their entire mission statement is that your health is your wealth.  Both of them struggle with hyper mobility syndrome (as so many of us) and it often goes undiagnosed.  When strength training, this interview could greatly impact your path to success.  Katie and Andrew are here to tell you how and why you can strength train even if you keep encountering bumps in the road.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

3:53 - What is Hyper mobility syndrome?

19:50 - Hypothyroidism and how it can affect your tendons and ligaments

24:00 - Hyper-mobility and being fidgety

30:23 - The dangers of relying on pain medication and injections

46:49 - Pain free VS free of pain

53:36 - The spiral of not being metabolically health

55:23 - Where to start

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