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EP. 82: Movement Overrides Pain - Solo Episode

EP. 82: Movement Overrides Pain - Solo Episode

Doctors Have It All Wrong

On this episode of The Dr. Tyna Show, I am going solo to talk to you about why movement overrides pain.

On This Episode We Cover:

1:34 - Physiology 101

4:27 - What is synovitis?

7:12 - When chronic pain becomes a real problem

8:00 - What degrades collagen

12:50 - Why you may not be healing properly

15:45 - Metformin and long COVID

23:30 - Angiogenesis

26:20 - How and why to improve your metabolic health

30:14 - Why I love blueberries

33:22 - Why movement overrides pain

36:00 - Where and how to start

38:18 - What exercise does for the brain

43:34 - Things that help with microglial hyper activation or brain on fire syndrome

45:19 - What happens to your brain when you get put on opioids

47:07 - My strength training platform

48:25 - T cell and T cell response

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