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EP. 99: Sun, Squats + Sauna for Healthy Blood Pressure | Solo Episode

EP. 99: Sun, Squats + Sauna for Healthy Blood Pressure | Solo Episode

You Have More Control Than You Think Over Your Blood Pressure

Listen in as I discuss my three favorite ways to mitigate your blood presure - the sun, squats, and sauna. You'll learn how sunlight can affect your well-being and aid in regulating your blood pressure. Discover how incorporating squats into your daily routine can contribute to muscle mass and improve your metabolic health. Finally, find out how far infrared saunas can offer benefits similar to an exercise substitute and how sauna therapy can have cardiovascular benefits.

On This Episode We Cover:

0:04:13 - Why the Sun is My Favorite Thing + Why It’s Good For You

0:07:00 - Nitrous Oxide + Vitamin D

0:09:45 - What Kind of Sun Exposure You Should Be Getting

0:12:42 - Isometric Exercise and Metabolic Health

0:16:25 - Importance of Squats + How You Can Integrate Them Into Your Daily Routine

0:22:17 - Far Infrared Saunas and Blood Pressure

0:26:57 - Sauna Therapy and Cardiovascular Health

0:30:30 - Why Sauna Protocols Are BS

0:35:00 - Do Genetics Play a Role in Blood Pressure Issues?

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