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EP. 114: Perimenopause: A Guide to Navigating Hormonal Shifts with Dr. Mariza Snyder

EP. 114: Perimenopause: A Guide to Navigating Hormonal Shifts with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Empowering Women Through the Wild Ride

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Join me as I sit down with women's health expert and author, Dr. Mariza Snyder, to navigate the complexities of perimenopause and metabolic health. Dr. Mariza shares her personal experience of recent motherhood amidst perimenopause and underscores the need for more societal and scientific understanding of this transitional phase. The discussion highlights the importance of personal control in our health and understanding that we are our own best advocates.

As we explore the hormonal shifts women experience in their 40s, we discuss how this transition can often result in brain fog and frustration. Dr. Mariza and I advise the audience on how to sift through information, embracing what works for them, and letting go of the rest. The conversation also reveals the unique reactions women may have due to hormonal shifts and past trauma.

We also discuss self-care strategies during hormonal changes, such as replenishing neurotransmitters, balancing blood sugar, and incorporating movement to manage emotions. Tune in as we examine the impact of stress on women's health and discuss strategies for stress management and setting boundaries. You'll walk away understanding the importance of cultivating joy, gratitude, and personal connection in the face of hormonal shifts and the significance of taking responsibility for our health.

On This Episode We Cover:

0:03:18 - Perimenopause and Motherhood 

0:11:22 - Navigating Hormonal Health and Individuality 

0:21:45 - The Effects of Stress on Women 

0:25:21 - Self-Care and Fitness During Hormonal Imbalance 

0:33:04 - Challenges of Self-Compassion and Hormonal Changes 

0:36:51 - Navigating Stress and Hormones in Business 

0:41:30 - The Impact of Stress and Aging 

0:47:25 - Understanding Stress 

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