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EP. 77: Seed Oils, Hormones & Metabolic Health with Carlee Hayes of NutriSense

EP. 77: Seed Oils, Hormones & Metabolic Health with Carlee Hayes of NutriSense

They all tie together

On this episode of The Dr. Tyna Show, I have a very special guest for you. Carlee Hayes is a Registered Dietician with NutriSense Continuous Glucose Monitors system and we are addressing seed oils. We are going be talking all things seed oils and their impact on your metabolic health, as well as your hormones.

On This Episode We Cover:

2:03 - What are seed oils?

4:15 - Omega 3's Vs Omega 6's

8:50 - What oil/fat should you cook with?

12:02 - How to find the best olive oil

14:50 - Fish Oil

23:00 - How seed oils are processed

29:46 - Why seed oils are so prevalent

33:20 - How helpful a continuous glucose monitor can be

40:19 - Metabolic health and viruses

43:15 - The power of having real time data from a CGM

48:05 - How the body processes fats and carbohydrates

49:30 - Where you want your blood sugar to be

51:20 - What fried foods do to your blood sugar levels

53:30 - Hormones, seed oils, saturated fat and cholesterol

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