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EP. 83: Orthopedic Medicine is a Scam | Part 1

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Dr. Tyna Moore
The truth is hard to find and so are people who actually speak it. On The Dr. Tyna show my goal is to bring you the truth as I know it and always have you leave with a new pearl of health wisdom to expand your knowledge base. They can try to take away our medical liberties, but they can’t take away our knowledge. When you are empowered, you can do better for yourself, your family and your community. Resilience is the name of the game as we embark on human wellness 2.0.  New episodes every Wednesday!  To email the show
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On this weeks episode, I am going solo to talk about why I think orthopedic medicine is a scam. I spent the entirety of my medical career in musculoskeletal medicine and I've seen behind the curtain on more than one occasion. I've also heard the MANY horror stories from patients. My job was to keep folks out from under the orthopedists knife and I'd like to finally share my thoughts on this busted system. I'm tired of watching human beings be handled in this medieval way and I want to set the story straight.

On This Episode We Cover:

2:19 - What is synovitis?

4:17 - Weight gain and orthopedic issues

6:00 - Vegetarians/vegans and joint degradation

7:54 - What is standard of care when you get hurt? What’s my take on that.

13:37 - NSAIDs

16:57 - Fractures and ibuprofen

17:21 - Tylenol and the liver

21:00 - What to look for in a healthcare provider when dealing with an injury

23:40 - X-ray vs MRI vs ultrasound

28:30 - Cortisone injections

33:30 - Are you a surgical candidate?

37:00 - What is PARQ?

38:38 - What if you’re a Medicare patient and you get injured?

42:07 - My metabolic revamp

44:00 - A discussion on moderation

47:40 - What can you do right now?

Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3 on this topic!

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