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Ep. 61: Muscle is Medicine - Solo Episode

Ep. 61: Muscle is Medicine - Solo Episode

The Dr. Tyna Show

On this episode, I explain why muscle is medicine and why strength training is so crucial. If you have not listened to my episodes with Roberst Linkul and Tony Gracia on how to train, I recommend listening to them before or after listening to this episode.

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On This Episode We Cover:

1:16 - Common pitfalls that can happen when you don’t hire help for strength training

2:40 - Sarcopenia and Inflammaging 

9:05 - The lack of vitality I see in the younger generation

13:35 - Why you need to start with strength training

17:00 - Why we want to take care of our orthopedic health

23:15 - Why Sarcopenia is the kiss of death

27:17 - The many ways muscle aids your body

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