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The Irony: Ivermectin Tested for Adverse Vaccine Effects

Getting Started with Sauna Safely

EP 73: Why Strength Training is Non-Negotiable - Solo Episode

Round and Round We Go

Pfizer MRNA Shot Linked to Blood Clots In The Lungs Per the FDA

EP. 72: Leaning In To The Truth with Katie Hess

Go Watch Immediately

Ep. 71: PANDAS & PANS with Dr. Jill Crista

A Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated? Not Anymore

EP 70: Why Sauna Protocols Are BS - Solo Episode

Are You Metabolically Flexible?

Why is Everyone Getting So Sick All of a Sudden?

Ep 69: Your Health is Your Wealth

Ep 68: Hot & Healthy with Connie Zack of Sunlighten Saunas

Ep. 67: Mental Health, Life and Fitness with Mariel Hemingway

Ep 66: NutriSense with Kara Collier

The Nail in the Coffin

Ep 65: Queen of Hormones Dr. Carrie Jones

They Knew It Didn't Stop Transmission

Ep 64: My CGM Experience - Solo Episode

Is It Gene Therapy?

When Doctors Get Gagged

The Plan is NOT Working So Well

Watching This, All I Feel is Rage

Ep 63: How to Regenerate - Solo Episode

Remember When They Told You It Would Stop Transmission?

Ep. 62: COVID-19: My Final Thoughts - Solo Episode

Ep. 61: Muscle is Medicine - Solo Episode

Here's Your Peer Reviewed Study on Ivermectin

Ep. 60: Red Light Therapy with Dr. Mike Belkowski

Immune Imprinting & Boosting Immune Systems to Dust

Ep. 59: Toxic Legacy: Glyphosate, Deuterium and the Covid Vaccine with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Ep. 58: Dr. Paul Thomas: Warrior of Truth

This High Risk Group is Also Not Well Protected from The Vaccine

Ep. 57: Drug Pricing Policy with Dr. John Kim

Ep. 56: State of Chronic Disease in the US - Solo Episode

Ep. 55: Food Lies with Brian Sanders

I Thought Omicron Was The Offramp

Ep. 54: Safe Sunning - Solo Episode

Ep. 53: Training for Life with Robert Linkul

Ep. 52: Wash Your Nose! with Nathan Jones of Xlear

Ep. 51: The Mindset Around Getting Healthy with Kaylor Betts

For the People Not Paying Attention

Thoughts on Bieber

Ep. 50: Understanding the Heart with Dr. Stephen Hussey

Ep. 49: "Hey Doc, Can You Take a Look at My Rash?" - Solo Episode

Ep. 48: Sleep Heals with Shawn Stevenson

Ep. 47: You Are Not Your Diagnosis - Solo Episode

The Long Haul: Part 6

46: Integrative Cardiology in a Time of COVID with Dr. Lattanza

45: Joint Pain and Metabolic Health with Dr. Shawn Baker

44: Gut & Metabolic Health with Dr. Pran Yoganathan

43: How Covid Has Been Completely Mishandled with Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Thielman

The Long Haul Part 5

42: The Belly Fat Effect with Mike Mutzel

41: Dangers of NSAIDS - Solo Episode

The Long Haul: Part 4

40: The Long Haul with Dr. Amber Belt

Who is Most Contagious?

The Long Haul: Part 3

Is Asymptomatic Spread a Thing?

39: Solo Episode: Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol

How The J & J Shot Works

The Long Haul: Part 2

The Long Haul: Part 1

Can The mRNA Vaccine Alter DNA?

Variants, Oh No!

Lets Talk About Cases

Why Mandates are a Moot Point

Intro to How Viruses Work

Optimizing Your Terrain

The Root Cause

What Killed More Young Americans in 2020?

38: Take Charge of Your Thyroid with Dr. Carolyn Stone

37: The Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Jonny Bowden

36: Solo Episode: Exercise - The Quick and Dirty

35: Getting Back To Real Food with Courtney Swan of Realfoodology

34: Brain On Fire with Brendan Vermeire

33: Brain Optimization Through Hyperbaric Oxygen & Methylene Blue with Dr. Scott Sherr

32: What’s Going on Down Under in Australia with Holly Sinclair

31: Worse Than the Disease with Dr. Greg Nigh Part 2

30: Worse Than the Disease with Dr. Greg Nigh Part 1

29: A Loving Dose of Truth with Mark Groves

28: Boots on the Ground: Treating Covid with Early Interventions with Dr. Amber Belt

27: Don’t Be Zombie Bait: Is Frailty Worse Than Obesity? (Solo Episode)

26: Omicron is the Offramp of the Pandemic Dr. Eileen Natuzzi